01/07/2003 - AICES welcomes sensible decision on nightflights

Wed, 20th June, 2018

AICES today welcomed the decision by the European Court of Human Rights which ruled that nightflights at Heathrow airport were not a breach of an individuals right to a private family life. The express industry relies on nightflights to meet its customers’ requirements for next day, just-in-time delivery.

Anne de Courcy, AICES Secretary General, commented:

“The failure of the European court to overturn the previous ruling would have had grave implications for our members and UK plc.

“Express services are used primarily by UK business to achieve the next day delivery of goods and documents to customers throughout Europe and North America. The only way to achieve such a delivery schedule is by the operation of aircraft outside of normal business hours, including those defined as night, between 11pm and 6am. Nightflights are only used when no other alternatives are available.

“If nightflights were banned the UK would not be able to compete effectively, business would suffer and jobs would be lost. A global economy demands that the UK competes, like others we have to move our goods at night to do so.

“Today’s decision demonstrates the need to for a balanced approach to regulation. We will continue to work with local communities and airport operators to ensure we keep controlling and reducing the scale of any adverse impacts from our operations."


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