24/01/2008 - AICES Submit Evidence

Wed, 20th June, 2018

 AICES joined forces with the RHA and the FTA in backing the importance of the freight sector to the UK economy.  Contributing to the Transport Select Committee inquiry (Wednesday 16 January) into freight, the witnesses called on the DfT to continue to invest in transport infrastructure and backed the continued development of Heathrow as a key hub airport.

Mark O'Brien a spokemsan for AICES said, " The Committee were also made aware that the coninued empahasis on modal shift from road to rail provided a very limited solution to reducing road congestion.  In a relatively small country like the UK, road will continue to be the principle method of moving freight.  Proffessor Alan McKinnon from Herriot-Watt Univeristy made it clear that the maximium growth in rail freight would be from 9% to 12% marketshare."  

The representive from AICES was Sharon Davis, Public Affairs Director of DHL, from the RHA, Roger King and from the FTA, James Hookham.