30/03/2007 - AICES Back CLFQP

Wed, 20th June, 2018

The Central London Freight Quality Partnership has been launched (Wednesday 28 March) and aims to make freight delivery in Central London more efficient and more sustainable, bringing together TfL, local authorities and business.

A spokesman for AICES Mark O'Brien said, " AICES has been heavily involved in the pre-launch phase of the CLFQP and we are delighted that the formal launch  attracted over hundred and thirty people from across a wide range of London bodies and business."

" The CLFQP will be tackling real issues facing freight transport users in Central London such as the high level of PCNs and the crucial  need to improve loading and unloading facilities and enforcement."     

For further information contact Donald Chalker on 020 7478 8593 or email info@centrallondonfqp.com or visit www.centallondonfqp.com