aices issues

Wed, 20th June, 2018

The Association has a number of standing specialist committees, attended by expert representatives from the membership, that regularly meet to discuss current issues effecting the industry and determine policy.

AICES believes there should a level playing field between the Royal Mail and the express industry. This means no regulatory, fiscal or other advantages which provide the Royal mail with an unfair competitive advantage.
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AICES believes that the regulation of cargo to ensure safety in the air is highly desirable providing controls are implemented and operated sensibly and do not impede the normal working of the member's companies.
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AICES believes that the bureaucracy, efficiency and cost of importing and exporting courier/express shipments to and from the United Kingdom can be greatly improved by working with H.M Customs & Excise to introduce modern, simplified procedures.
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Environment and Transport
AICES members are fully supportive of measures to improve the environment and actively promote their own initiatives, such as the introduction of quieter, more fuel efficient aircraft engines and environmentally friendly vehicles.
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AICES members accept that aircraft operating at night may be perceived by communities close to airports as a disturbance and nuisance. The express courier industry takes this issue of noise extremely seriously. AICES members have taken numerous voluntary initiatives to reduce the impact of night operations as much as possible.
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