customs issues

Wed, 20th June, 2018

Express carriers organise the collection of shipments, usually at the end of the business day, allow the sender access to information on progress of shipments from pick-up to delivery and provide proof of delivery. 
Where shipments cross international borders, the express industry handles customs clearance as well as the payment of duties and taxes as required. The growth of international trade and developments in the regulatory framework represent challenges for our Members who seek to ensure the efficient trade of goods around the world.
The completion of the Single Market of the European Union in 1993 means that customs data is not gathered from EU trade but is from third party countries outside the European Union.
AICES has signed a number of agreements with HM Revenue and Customs to help to facilitate the quick and efficient completion of custom’s procedures.  
Our Customs Committee meets regularly to discuss changes to the regulations and practices governing the operation of customs. We work closely with the Customs authorities on making Customs procedures as smooth as possible, while complying fully with the law.   We regularly meet with Customs officials at a policy and operational level to discuss issues of mutual interest.
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